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Gone gone gone girl?!? My permanent brain scar after reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I felt totally robbed by this book.  I wasn't too sure about the whole flip flop of point of view in the beginning.  I approached the story with great apprehension.  However, after the third flip I was sure this book would not be a flop.  As I frantically read through each chapter I was totally invested in these characters and when the story took a dramatic turn I. Was. Sold.!  This book had me, hook, line, and then then just as suddenly as the turn in the storyline the end happened and I was sunk.  Down to the deepest depths of disappointment.  I thought surely there had to be a second book.  So, I did what any other normal human being would do in this situation. (okay, maybe not normal maybe just a book fanatic) I promptly and frantically searched online only to find out to my utter despair (okay, that may seem a little dramatic) that this was it.  This was it.  There would not be a second book.  It just ended right there!  UGh, I could not believe it.  Now I don't want to give anything away, however, if you like resolution at the end of a story do not read this book.  Although I came to like the writers style I did not like the abrupt and unfinished ending.  I have come along some of her other books and have decided it is in my best mental interest to steer clear, for now.